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_Dystopia Vol.2

"We proudly introduce our latest sound bank, "DYSTOPIA Vol.2" – an enthralling compilation featuring 35 distinctive sounds. Following the overwhelming reception of the initial release, we return with an expanded set of sounds, poised to ignite your musical ingenuity.

Within this sound pack, you will encounter a diverse array of sounds meticulously crafted by exploring the versatility of the Arturia Minifreak synthesizer. Each sound in "DYSTOPIA Vol.2" has been painstakingly designed not only to deliver high-quality audio but also to serve as a wellspring of inspiration for crafting beautiful and unique compositions.

Explore fresh sound combinations that will invigorate your imagination, enabling you to experiment within the realm of sound. Our sound bank is not merely a collection of sounds; it is a reservoir of ideas intended to assist you in imbuing your music with a distinctive character.

"DYSTOPIA Vol.2" marks the next chapter in our exploration of the Arturia Minifreak synthesizer's sonic landscapes. Break free from conventional boundaries and create music that authentically reflects your creativity."

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_new firmware ?


In order for the sounds from Dystopia Vol.2 you need to update the firmware of your Arturia Minifreak synthesizer.

The 2.0 firmware update delivers a significant dose of new features and sonic possibilities for existing MiniFreak hardware and software users. With a new wavetable engine, Super Unison effect, Favourites Panel, LFO modulation and more. Sculpt, accentuate, shape and save your sounds in entirely new ways. 

Please note: It is important to be aware that this collection is not compatible with earlier versions of the Minifreak software. Upgrade to the latest Minifreak 2.0 Firmware

_MiniFreak V


DYSTOPIA Vol.2 works perfectly with both Arturia software and hardware with the 2.0 firmware. This allows you to use the same sounds on both the software and hardware level. Whether you prefer to work in your favorite DAW or directly on MiniFreak, your creative process becomes fluid and flexible. This gives you complete freedom to choose the tools and work environment that best suit your creative style.


"I'm sharing with you my preset collection called 'Dystopia 2.'

Working on it was very pleasant! and this is not always the case.

These are sounds that inspire and stimulate the imagination. Even from the technical side of sound production.

I've managed to create some sounds that are challenging to achieve on other synthesizers. For example the 'DUNE II' preset.

For most of the time the " Dystopia 2 " sounds are very "active". Just listen and you'll see that there's a lot going on there.

I love this Minifreak sound, and I hope you share my enthusiasm for this equipment too!

btw : Arturia , tell me why Mini ? This baby sounds HUGE  !!!!!




DYSTOPIA Vol.2 patch list.jpg
DYSTOPIA Vol.2 patch list.jpg