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2CAudio B2




Orkiestra Stage pusty

The X-Verb Vol.1 2CAudio B2 Reverb Presets


​​UXS is proud to presents The X-Verb Vol.1 -  2CAudio B2 Preset Expansion with best reverb patches.The X-Verb Vol.1 contains over 180 Reverb patches designed for the Orchestra Instruments, vocals and electronic synths. 

Basic reverb patches ( like L.Hall )  are imitate the most famous recording studio for orchestra in the UK.

Appreciated by the Bricasti company, the creators of the famous Bricasti Design M7

It took more than half a year of analysis and hard work - but here we are.

Great tool for any producer of film / game music Ideal for combining different KONTAKT libraries like - Strings / Brass / Woodwinds. It will glue your mix together better even if you are using a near-field microphones.

You'll find there many amazing reverb patches - also patches ment to be played only with CLOSE MIC - very dry source ( check Tuba DEMO  ) . Designed to bring the highest level of sonic quality.



24bit Audio Demos



The X Stage Patch loaded on Albion Close mic. We get almost the same sound as the original Albion T MIC - using one of The XVerb Vol.1 patches.


L.Hall PATCH TEST ( close mic instrument ) - FACE TO FACE WITH original SPITFIRE ALBION ( decca tree mic )


WET & DRY EXAMPLE with Patch called " X - Israel Ambient "

The X Stage Patch on DRY Close mic. You can compare it to the origial Albion space.

The WET example presents several  B2 reverb patches from " The X Verb Vol.1 2Caudio B2 Preset Expansion "
 No EQ / COM / LIMITER. I used only reverb patches on very DRY instruments.


The WET example presents loaded the " L.Hall Tuba CM " patch on 2Caudio B2 reverb plug-in. Great patch for very dry Brass instrument.


This example presents DRY & WET Solo Sample Modeling Tuba. This example shows how a very realistic effect on B2 we achieve



The WET example presents 2 Layered patches. The " L.Hall BRASS L1 " and " L.Hall BRASS L2 " patches on BUS.

This example presents WET & DRY source recorded live

( the main sound comes from our library made for Access Virus TI - Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 Virus TI Soundset

I used the " X - Krypton Ambient " patch.



Random sounds WET & DRY - "X - Samsara " Reverb Patch. Very long and natural sounding patch.

This is the Bricasti M7 patch on B2 [ DRY & WET ]

X - Bricasti M7 SAX " - B2 Patch / WET & DRY Example




 Buy the 2Caudio B2 Reverb Presets 

THE X -VERB Vol.1 Reverb 

 BUY : € 45 

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You will be directed to PayPal  &  Credit Card payments system. The download link will be available immediately after successful purchase !
Once purchased, there are no refunds or exchanges available. 
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