Finally, after nearly five months of hard work, we share with you something really new and original.
Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 is the very new concept how to use Virus TI in a different way.

This time there's no single sounds but sequences/arpeggios programmed and ready to go.
Everything is based on complex Sequences and LFO's work, very well synchronized.
Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 is a collection of Sequences/Arpeggios designed for Minimal, Techno, Deep Techno, Progressive, Tech House,Progressive house, Hard Techno, Progressive Trance.
You can also use it your own way, no matter what kind of music you produce.

The library is something that was not there before on Virus TI. Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 is truly unique.

This is 100% original idea, design and execution by Ultimate X Sounds.

With theese patches the Virus TI once again surprise you and surely it will inspire you.
Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 that's 192 patches divided into two banks - BLACK and WHITE.
Balck ( contains 96 patches ) are rather bass heavy  patches.
White  ( contains 96 patches as well ) with some crazy Sequences/Arpeggios
Definately less bass kind of patches plus a synthetic drum loop symulations.