The X-Verb Vol.1 -  2CAudio B2 Preset Expansion with best reverb patches.The X-Verb Vol.1 contains over 180 Reverb patches designed for the Orchestra Instruments, vocals and electronic synths. 

Basic reverb patches ( like L.Hall )  are imitate the most famous recording studio for orchestra in the UK.


Appreciated by the Bricasti company, the creators of the famous Bricasti Design M7


It took more than half a year of analysis and hard work - but here we are.

Great tool for any producer of film / game music Ideal for combining different KONTAKT libraries like - Strings / Brass / Woodwinds. It will glue your mix together better even if you are using a near-field microphones.


2Caudio B2 Reverb Presets THE X -VERB Vol.1 Reverb