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© 2020 by Ultimate X Sounds

Access Virus TI

ULTIMATE X SOUNDS proudly presents "Soundbank For Access Virus Ti ",  

in their new ULTIMATE SOUND EFFECTS series.

This collection of 224 SFX presets aims to take your music to the stratosphere and far beyond.

ULTIMATE SOUND EFFECTS 1 have risers, falls, impacts, explosions, bleeps, sub drop downfallss, reverses and more  hyperactive presets - load them into your session and listen to them surge, soar and spiral throughout your music,

whether you're inspired by the industry's Film & Game or Trance, House, EDM, POP or Hybrid Trap



RELEASE DATE 1.12.2018



These truly complex sound effects include an array of powerful sounds. We are really proud on how this pack turned out and can’t wait for you to test spin the FX sounds in your next production.

USFX have risers, falls, impacts, explosions, bleeps, sub drops, reverses and more into this hyperactive preset pack - load them into your session and listen to them surge, soar and spiral throughout your music!
All at just one finger tip.


- Made for Access Virus Ti



SFX 01, an epic collection of next-generation sound effects.
We tried to keep the preview for this pack really simple, leaving the SFX sounds room to breath and shine. Every once in a while you may hear a pop of EDM but this is just to show you how versatile the sounds really are. All FX sounds are organised into appropriate groups and come completely ready to use.



Sound effects have the ability to better engage your audience, support action

we see on-screen, and enhance your music. Unlike samples, these Virus Ti sounds can be edited.

This is the main advantage of synthesizer sounds generated in real time.

In this way, the sound can be adapted to your needs, regardless of whether you create for a movie or music

X Flashes         X Dunkirk 


X Godzilla         X Flang



This soundbank will also be perfect for live musicians. Virus Ti is mainly used by them to play melodies.But you can do more with this library.

It's easily use rollover preset and other drooping sfx sounds 

Everything here is under one finger and completely ready to use.


The Soundbank include several main groups.

IMPACTS – booms, warped collisions,  impacts, huge bells

UPLIFTERS & RISERS –  lifters and hair-raising ascents;  evolving sweeps, uplifters.

DOWNLIFTER & FALLS – down-sweeps, shifts, falls, transitions and descenders, twisted falls,  noise and complex tonal transitions.

SOUNDSCAPES & AMBIENCE – synthetic ambiences, evolving sounds, synthetic landscapes.


TONAL FX  - sweeps, downlifters & uplifters and other random sound effects.

NOISE –  white/dark noise sound effects; including intense build-ups, distorted sweeps, spinning Dopplers and some other effects.

REVERSED – eversed sound effects 

RANDOM -  random synth FX sounds








Additional information

- Hardware ; Access Virus TI 2 / TI / Snow / POLAR

- License for one user

- Format : 2 x mid  ( PART1 & PART 2 )

- Style : Electronic music

- Number of patches : 224

- All content is 100% royalty free

- Soft Knobs assignments ( depends on the patch )

- Digital Download only / via e-mail address



 BUY : € 49 

Product Explanation


This product contains synthesizer presets in mid. - Virus TI format.

Presets do not contain sampled audio (melodic or otherwise) but rather ‘data’ (synthesizer programs) that can be loaded using the popular Access Virus TI synthesizer. A collection of presets are collectively referred to as a bank.



All melodies used in the demonstration files are copyrighted to the respective owners. All the MIDI data and sequences are strictly for educational purposes only, and not to be abused in any way. If you purchase an item containing Steinberg Cubase Project File(s) and/or associated MIDI files you are agreeing to these terms.



Delivery information


The ordered product is sent manually. We execute all orders within 1-6h.

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( Because of the similar-sounding message we are sending , usually our correspondence goes to spam folder)

To avoid problems in the future, mark our e-mail address as a trusted.

if you still have not received an email , please contact us at ultimatexsounds@gmail.com

We are using free WinRar to compress all files to one pack. You can't open it ? Please contact with us.