Access Virus TI / TI2 / POLAR / SNOW

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  • It is an intuitive and powerful hybrid musical sound design patches library aimed primarily at film, TV, video game and media composers.

  • The library has been designed to effortlessly layer in with your workflow, allowing you to load in a few patches to give your tracks that modern hybrid sound.






Image by Alexander Andrews

The library contains over 192 new patches for Access Virus Ti placed in several categories : SEQ Basses, SEQ MID (Percussive and Melodic), FX, CHAOS, ATM & DRONES, CLOCK, Signature Sounds and more.

Sound categories include Impacts, Booms, Whooshbangs, Risers, Downers, Signature Sounds, Drones, Reverse FX, Tempo Synced Rhythms, Synth Arps, Synth Pads and SEQ Synth Basses.



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There is 192 patches with full of energetic sequences, gritty basslines, Clock rhythms,leads, pulses, FX, textures and some atmospheres.

We aim to provide cutting-edge digital electronic sounds for hybrid film scoring , atmospheric Electronica, Chillout, emotional Electronica,

Trance, Progressive, Ambient , Film, Tv, Video Game but also it's flexible enough to fit in any music genre.



Image by Liam Briese

... is about expanding the notion of what instruments and sound design be. Creating a new hybrid style of musical sound design that applies broadly across the spectrum of music.

The Aura is enhanced sound design art for Access Virus Ti 



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" We wanted to create something

entirely original in all regards.
Every single patch has

been carefully designed"



AURA X SOUNDS Vol.1 - Virus Ti -  is a must-have for composers writing cinematic, electronic, hybrid compositions and beyond that.



Virus TI soundbank

AURA Trailer 1 

This Demo presents several patches from the AURA library which can be used to achieve more scary background.

( beside human voices ).


Making of AURA / This demo presents several patches from the full lAura X Sounds Vol.1 library


The Dark Tower - Trailer / Re-Scored using AURA for Virus Ti

Music made with Virus Ti and AURA library 

(The White Side ) 

NAKED VERSION of the Re-Scored  Trailer 

Virus TI soundbank






Additional information

- Hardware ; Access Virus TI 2 / TI / Snow / POLAR

- License for one user

- Format : 2 x mid

- Style : Electronic music

- Number of patches : 192

- All content is 100% royalty free

- Soft Knobs assignments ( depends on the patch )

- Digital Download only / via e-mail address




Payment method - PayPal

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Virus TI soundbank

your presets are truly outstanding, and these hybrid patches are something I've been needing for a while now. Awesome work!! -Matt "

Uxs - these guys are years ahead of the competition. Literally - David  "

Fantastic work on these patches, they all sound amazing. Cheers - Justin "

Product Explanation

This product contains synthesizer presets in mid (.mid)  Access Virus Ti
Presets do not contain sampled audio (melodic or otherwise) but rather ‘data’ (synthesizer programs) that can be loaded using the popular Access Virus Ti synthesizer. A collection of presets are collectively referred to as a bank.

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  Delivery information : All orders are processed manually. The items are sent within 1-6 hours but usually faster .The Sound Bank will be delivered as a zip-file to your Email address provided via PayPal